Seidokan Karate Academy

My name is Jeff Bottomley I am a 7th Dan black belt in Karate.  I started training in 1974 and inherited the Keighley Karate Club from my instructor in 1980.  I then  formed the Seidokan Karate Academy and currently have three clubs in Keighley Silsden and Bingley.  I was the eastern area regional coach for my former association and a northern regional coach for the English Karate Governing Body for several years.  I have  been the British Sport Karate Association coach since 2001.

On a sporting front we have taught a number of local, regional and national champions and currently have a number of European and world medallists at our clubs; all of whom were developed from a very young age at our academy.

All ages and skill levels are catered for in a friendly and safe environment.  We welcome good honest people to enhance our group.

The aim of our academy is to coach people to a good level of etiquette, discipline, fitness and conditioning to encourage good self confidence and the ability to defend themselves.

Contact details:     

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Phone  01535 656578
Mobile  07783832699